Marc 31. 2015

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Whenever I'm beginning with new personal training clients, I ask that they drink half their body weight (in ounces) of water per day. I'm usually met with a wide eyed stare and the remark, "but I'll be going to the bathroom all day long."Both of those I am used to, and always have my internal diary of responses as to why this is so important. The RDA is 64 ounces of water per day (Eight- 8 ounce glasses). That's it. Only 64 ounces. Those standards mean that this is the bare minimum amount of water your body needs per day to maintain proper function. Now, imagine you drink a lot of coffee or tea (diuretics), you workout, sweat or consume alcohol. You are now placing more demands on your body to replenish this precious resource.

We uncontrollably lose water every min through respiration (breath), digestion, and other bodily functions. Your body weight is made of approximately 60% water. Water is used to regulate body temperature, cushion cells and aid your organs functions. Without enough of it, we aren't able to properly operate as our bodies were designed. 

How does drinking plenty of water aid with weight loss? First of all, water does not have a magical calorie burning property--that would be awesome though, right?! What it does do is help to curb your appetite. So many times, we mistake hunger for thirst. If we are properly hydrated, we are less apt to over eat. In addition, the more water we drink, the more able our bodies are to flush out toxins, excess sodium, or other impurities that can cause our bodies to hold onto excess water weight. In short, drink more, lose more. 

Can you overdose on water? (water intoxication) I get asked this all the time. Especially because I am famous for carrying around my gallon of water every day. When people who don't know me see me walking down the hall gym bag in one hand, gallon in the other, I've heard comments like "That's too much water! You're going to get sick." Or, "Are you REALLY going to drink ALL of that!?!". The answer is yes. I eat, sweat, and move more than the average Suzy Jane throughout the day and have different physical demands because of my body composition. There are rare cases of humans "OD"ing on water. Like the man who drank a bathtub of water in one day, or the fraternity pledge who drank multiple gallons of water in an extremely short time, but these are very rare.

In sum, if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. So drink up, learn to love water, and hydrate that gorgeous body.