Bring the workout to you! In home and private gym sessions available! Custom workout plans tailored to your individual body and fitness goals. With years of experience and years of client success, Liz Corah has a proven track record to both motivate her clients and deliver results! In home and online training available. 

Now available! Private and group dance lessons! AND one on one Yoga or group sessions!  Bring the dance or Yoga class to your home or office.

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Teen personal training! Liz Corah has been working with teens for years. As a heavy tween, Corah turned to health and fitness very early in life. By the time she was 11yrs old, she was leading the pack with any "aerobics" instructor who would let her stand in the front of the room. With years of experience, and the ability to relate to our youth, Corah has helped so many teens feel good and get in shape!

"I have know Liz Corah as a fitness instructor for over a decade. She is an outstanding trainer who get results quickly. I also hired het as a personal trainer and I have not met anyone as knowledgeable and who gets to know your body and works to improve on your weaknesses. In summary, she is outstanding in both the group setting and as a personal trainer." -Sonia M.

"Liz is an awesome instructor, she is knowledgeable not only about fitness and health, but she's a people person as well. She really makes working out an enjoyable experience. I have worked out with several trainers, but I noticed results with Liz almost immediately. She was always on time and made sure we got a total body workout...Don't miss an opportunity to experience her work outs/classes!"  -Amber B.

"Liz Corah is the real deal. I have been taking a body sculpting class taught by her for a few months, and she delivers a full body workout every time. She doesn't just tell us what to do, she does it...with more weights than any of us...and talks us through the entire thing! She knows the science behind the exercises and communicates that knowledge very humbly yet confidently. She makes a point to know her student's abilities and bodies and, even in a large group setting, manages to help individuals reach their own goals! She is really amazing. I have always been athletic, but Liz has brought my body to a new level of strength. I love her!!!" -Karen V.

"Liz is an AMAZING trainer. Not only did I see fantastic results with her, I felt like she was fully engaged with me during each session. Not to mention, she's a blast to be around!" -Courtney B.

"Liz is extremely knowledgeable and motivating. I learned a tremendous amount from her and got into great shape. I can't wait to work with her again!" -Dina G